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Friday, May 23, 2008

Work From Home To Learn Marketing Success

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Get creative with as many ways of
combining key words as you can and the
tools offered by the PPC companies will
help you generate more.
You can use some of the sample ads as
shown in the Classified section and create
successful campaigns. Just don't forget to
track and tweak as you go to help
increase your response (on anything you
do). Here are some more tips for writing
your ads:
Preparing your title and description.You may have only one chance to lure a
prospect to your Web site. Make your title
and description sufficiently captivating to
entice viewers to your site in preference to
other sites. You need to write your title and
description so that they really relate to the
keywords that you are bidding and are
relevant to your site. If your title and
description are impressive, prospects may
skip over your competition to visit your
site. Just do not hype too much in your
descriptions or searchers will pass you by.
Below are tips to help you write a good
title and description:
Solve a problem. Solve that problem quickly with benefits,
not features. Solve that problem for what appears to be
small or reasonable amount of money.
"FREE" is still an eye catcher. Make the viewer curious to learn more
with a call to action. Each PPC can differ on how many
characters they will allow in the title and in
the description, you will need to read
each PPC listing guidelines. Overture
allows a maximum of 40 characters in the
title, and maximum of 190 characters in
the description. It has been proven that
having your keyword in the title and
description will get up to 50% more click-


marswan said...

Great advice for Onlne Marketers. Nice to know that FREE is still an eyecatcher...people are still curious.
Marilyn Swanson - Google Me

Miss Julia said...

Hey Mike,
Great Blog!!

--Would like to use some of your material in my Lead-Capture blog. Let me know if that is ok. I will be making a post within the next week.

Much Love
Miss Julia

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