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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Overture and How to Learn Marketing Success

When Overture (originally GoTo, now
owned by Yahoo) came on the scene in
1998, everyone said Overture would never
last. It is not only still here, but many other
PPC search engines are using the Overture
as a model, and many more PPC search
engines are entering the Internet every
day. Today, Overture’s search results now
reach 75% of all Internet users.
If you read the information in this section
and pay careful attention to the tips that
are given, you will find some cost-
effective advertising that is easier and
faster to work with than the regular free
search engines and directory submissions
to get your listings online in a matter of
minutes to hours instead of weeks to
months. This effective web marketing
strategy is great for a new startups and,
when used wisely, is another advertising
medium that is well spent...............................................................................What do you need to know in getting
Purchasing keywords at a PPC engine is
simple enough procedure. The highest
bidder gets the top position. You can
control and pick where you want to rank
and adjust the bids based on the quality of
your results in real time. Not only can you
control your ranking with the pay-per-click
engines, but being in the top 10 with some
of the PPCs could be beneficial in giving
you exposure with their different partners.
Examples would be Dogpile, AOL, Direct
Hit, HotBot,, and others.

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Scott OBrien said...

I actually used Overture long before I ever started using Google! In fact I still use their keyword tool!

Check out My VM Team on Squidoo at and please add this link to your favorite blog link list.

Thanks! Scott OBrien - "Google Me"

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