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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Learn Marketing Success With Blogger Because Wordpress Sucks....

I really think blogger is the place to be, I was using Word press for quite
a while and for no apparent I go to my blog to post and its suspended...
WOW this just blew my mind, all the hard work it took to establish my-
self and no warning its all gone and support does not even respond to your
questions. I think if your using a set of keywords and your competition
doesn't like it they just complain to word press and they suspend you.

Just to give you an example of what happened I like to help people
learn marketing success so in return I was just informing my readers
about ad surf daily which is one of the best ways to advertise because
its such a great ad cash generator. Ad surf daily can generate cash for
yourself just for advertising there.Also I own the number one spot on the
search engines for learn marketing success and someone must not like that.
However all is fair in love and war and I guess blogging on wordpress.

So I personally think blogger is a much better fit just like ad surf daily is
a great fit for anyone that is advertising on the internet because you can
generate cash for your ads the very first day you use them.So with that in mind take this for what you will and if you work really hard
at blogging it can suck to wake up in the mourning and just have all your hard work
vanish off the face of the earth. Especially when your getting thousands of hits from
your blog.I guess the positive from this is I can use blogger as my main blog and still get the
word out about ad surf daily so other people can benefit from this great ad cash generator
and make tons of money. So keep on blogging and learn marketing success at blogger.

You Friend
Michael Curry

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mike jackson said...

Hey Mike I was wondering what happened to your other blog on word press,that bites.My opinion blogger is the way to go.
Thanks Mike Jackson

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