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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Learn Marketing Success For Getting Traffic...

With the immense significance that the Internet is gaining with each passing day and with the major population of people participating in this global onslaught, it is becoming even more necessary for any one, looking for prospects to market their products and services, to create an online presence. However, having the best products and the best services and an eye-catching website is not enough to attract attention. You need to be visible to the others if you want to be acknowledged by them.
True, that more than 90% of all Internet users from around the globe find what they are looking for through the most popular search engines. And the ease with which they can access you is dependent on your indexing and the subsequent ranking in these search engines. More traffic means more sales and more sales means more profit!
Now one of the keys like I said is people finding you.. The way I acheive this is by branding myself and my name on google,yahoo and 87% of the content networks. If you would like to see an example and learn marketing success just google my name Michael Curry...And remember google michael curry now..

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Branding and Blogging Make You Visible !

Research shows that 80% of all traffic is coming via the search engines. The best way to increase your search engine visibility is to add good content to your website. Well written press releases and articles optimized for the search engines add relevance to your website.
Internet users regard the companies displayed on the first half of the first page of a search result as the major players in that field. A good search result is a powerful online PR and branding tool.
80% of all the business created by a search goes to number 1, 2 and 3 on the first page of the search results. Yet few business owners know how to get their sites onto page one - and they don't know what their best key phrase is.
You need to know where your market is online, what they are searching on and how to reach them. Optimized content on your website, in the news engines and syndicated on other websites boosts your online visibility.
So to learn marketing success google my name Michael Curry.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Getting Traffic Can Suck !


We need it and no matter how much we get, we always want more. More traffic equals more profit, and so a huge amount of any internet marketer's time should be spent on generating and maintaining traffic.
However, sometimes, in our relentless pursuit, we can forget that "traffic" isn't just a variable we are plugging into a formula.Traffic is PEOPLE. People just like you and me with hopes, dreams, failures, fears, suspicions. Do you think more about keyword saturation than you do about whether your copy is any good?
Do you think more about getting high PR backlinks than payingattention to whether that link is on a site that people will actually read?
Has your vision been fogged so much by the "science" of getting traffic that you've forgotten the "art" of connecting with real people on the massive scale afforded by the internet?
That's why we've have to get rid of that old thinking and start giving your real flesh and blood human visitors an online experience that they really want, and information they can really use.

So with that here's a inside secret on a tool I personally use to help get traffic,this is my gift to you. So get it now :

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Don't Let Your Dream Die !

When we were younger, we had dreams of things we
wanted to do, places we wanted to go, and people
we wanted to meet. As we grew older, most of those
dreams fell by the wayside as we realized we couldn't
possibly make enough money in our lives to make
those dreams come true.
Then we strated to look towards the internet, and we
remembered that we had those dreams. When we discovered how thrilling it was to rekindle those dreams
and know they can now be realized, we wanted to
send this message of hope to everyone we know. We
want you to know that you can make your dreams
come true too!
The sky is the limit to those who are willing to get off the
couch and do something to make them happen. Don't
let anyone steal your dreams, and don't let them die.
They were important once. Open them up again and
journey to the Life of Luxury you deserve.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Ask Michael Curry Now If Branding Is Good Or Not...

First when branding yourself you must choose and stick to your name like : . A name does more than identify your company. It tells customers who you are, what you do, and more than a little about how you do it. Your name differentiates you from your peers, peaks customer interest, and invites further investigation -- if you do it right.
I started off doing it all wrong by branding instead of my name .
All entrepreneurs make mistakes, and I made one of my first ones right off the bat. Now learn marketing success is a great business and I love helping people , also I still work toward branding this name however I think branding your name and getting people to recognize you is the most important 1st step. I also work at branding google michael curry now and ask michael curry now .
Now remember if your in need of assistance in anyway just sign up for help at and remember all mikes friends win.Your Friend Michael Curry - google me

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Ask Michael Curry Now Why ? All Mikes Friends Win

Hi ,
Its me again, ask michael curry now ? This is going to be just a simple post so I can review some of the projects I've been working on. Well the most important business I'm in just took a huge step forward they are comming out with a new 1.5 site intergrated with live video.
They specialize in:

Video dating, Its always nice to get to see a person live and get to know them before you commit to a real date. Its sort of like a dating interview.

Video resume, for any one job hunting this will definitely move your resume to the top of the stack and give you a tremendous edge on your fellow job seekers.

Lets not forget about social "networking" this is were I have made some Great, Great New relationships.
So if you can come and join me were all mikes friends win.

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Will This Help You Learn Marketing Success Or Not ?

Will This Help You Learn Marketing Success Or Not !March 3, 2008 by michael curry
Two of the most important tools to learn marketing success in your network marketing business are your personal website, and your autoresponder.
If you don’t have your personal website and an autoresponder yet, you should really consider getting those tools because they are BASIC tools for your online business. They are like food and water.
Once you have your own website and autoresponder, it is important to know how to properly use them. A lot of people fail and needlessly spend money because they misuse the tools. In short, they have the proper tools but not the proper system or method.
The goal of your personal website is not to sell. Basically, you drive most of your traffic to your personal website but don’t sell anything on that page. The main purpose of your personal website is to be a SPLASH page, or a lead capture page. To put this simply, the main purpose of your personal website is to capture the contact information of your site visitors.
Once you get their contact information, you may now contact them many times and send them advertisements about your business. You may want to start out building relationships by sending out a newsletter to people who subscribe to your contact list. This is the job of your autoresponder. By utilizing an autoresponder, you may send unlimited follow up messages to your prospects until they are ready to join your business or buy your products.
So to summarize, your marketing efforts are divided into two basic things. First, you need to capture the contact information of people who are interested in your offer. In this case, you need a personal website and use it as a lead capture page.
Second, you need to follow up with those people for an extended period of time. In this case you need an autoresponder.
My site does not sell anything. But it captures the name and email address of prospects by putting an autoresponder form on that site. Once people submit their name and email address, my autoresponder is activated and a series of prewriten messages are sent to my subscribers. It’s all automated and it works like crazy. It’s really helped me learn marketing success…To learn marketing success go to

Procrastination can Kill Your Online Business...

It has often been said the procrastination is the grave of opportunity. Indeed, procrastinate today and you lose countless opportunities that could have blossomed had you not procrastinated. Procrastination is a bad habit, with many negative effects on your job, relationships and mental health.
However, with enough perseverance and determination, you can kick the bad habit of procrastination. Not only will this leave you a happier and more responsible individual, you will find yourself healthier and wealthier for it. Here are some harmful effects that procrastination can have on your life, so don’t become a victim of procrastination and learn marketing success today!
You can learn more at: Harmful Effect #1: Lost Opportunities
Whether at work or in school, by pushing off the work that should have been done today you are losing out on opportunities that could get you ahead in life. A piece of work consistently well done, and a reputation for being stable and dependable could well get you the promotion that you have been eyeing but were procrastinating too much to actually achieve. Likewise, an individual who always hands in work late or incomplete and below the expected standards will not get far ahead in life, assuming he doest not lose his job.Harmful Effect #2: Your Health
You promised yourself to visit the gym faithfully when you signed up for membership, but all that you’ve seen of exercise is standing up to walk to the pantry. By procrastinating and delaying what you’ve promised yourself to achieve, you are compromising on your own health. Needless to say, your mental health is not free from the adverse effects of procrastination either. The amount of negative emotion and thoughts regarding your inadequacies that you are harbouring will eventually cause you to sink into depression and guilt. Worse yet, the work that is still piled on your desk marked urgent will cause your stress levels to spiral out of control.Harmful Effect #3: Your Relationships
A chronic procrastinator soon finds himself procrastinating even the simplest things that he has promised, simply because he did not mean to or sincerely want to finish the task. You find yourself promising your wife to fix up the shelves that she needs in the pantry, or to do your share of household chores. And yet you procrastinate till she has to call someone in to fix it, or do it herself. She nags, and you’re irritated. She gets upset, and so do you. Procrastination can wreck havoc on your relationships. Not just your wife, but your children and your friends. Promised your kids you will teach them to play baseball? Or your friends that contact for a job interview, and never got round to doing it? You will soon find yourself earning the distaste of the people around you.Don’t let procrastination ruin your life! Above are just 3 out of the many other harmful and negative effects that it can have. Take action today and work towards becoming procrastination-free and learn marketing success.
With that in mind lets all learn marketing success and stop procrastination.
Michael Curry google me:

"Pay It Forward"- To Learn Marketing Success