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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Getting Traffic Can Suck !


We need it and no matter how much we get, we always want more. More traffic equals more profit, and so a huge amount of any internet marketer's time should be spent on generating and maintaining traffic.
However, sometimes, in our relentless pursuit, we can forget that "traffic" isn't just a variable we are plugging into a formula.Traffic is PEOPLE. People just like you and me with hopes, dreams, failures, fears, suspicions. Do you think more about keyword saturation than you do about whether your copy is any good?
Do you think more about getting high PR backlinks than payingattention to whether that link is on a site that people will actually read?
Has your vision been fogged so much by the "science" of getting traffic that you've forgotten the "art" of connecting with real people on the massive scale afforded by the internet?
That's why we've have to get rid of that old thinking and start giving your real flesh and blood human visitors an online experience that they really want, and information they can really use.

So with that here's a inside secret on a tool I personally use to help get traffic,this is my gift to you. So get it now :

Michael Curry - google me


Kurt Mitchell said...

getting down to the flesh and blood of things. I like it.

Wyverex said...

Presence is everything


Thanks for the useful tool Mike! :)

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