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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Will This Help You Learn Marketing Success Or Not ?

Will This Help You Learn Marketing Success Or Not !March 3, 2008 by michael curry
Two of the most important tools to learn marketing success in your network marketing business are your personal website, and your autoresponder.
If you don’t have your personal website and an autoresponder yet, you should really consider getting those tools because they are BASIC tools for your online business. They are like food and water.
Once you have your own website and autoresponder, it is important to know how to properly use them. A lot of people fail and needlessly spend money because they misuse the tools. In short, they have the proper tools but not the proper system or method.
The goal of your personal website is not to sell. Basically, you drive most of your traffic to your personal website but don’t sell anything on that page. The main purpose of your personal website is to be a SPLASH page, or a lead capture page. To put this simply, the main purpose of your personal website is to capture the contact information of your site visitors.
Once you get their contact information, you may now contact them many times and send them advertisements about your business. You may want to start out building relationships by sending out a newsletter to people who subscribe to your contact list. This is the job of your autoresponder. By utilizing an autoresponder, you may send unlimited follow up messages to your prospects until they are ready to join your business or buy your products.
So to summarize, your marketing efforts are divided into two basic things. First, you need to capture the contact information of people who are interested in your offer. In this case, you need a personal website and use it as a lead capture page.
Second, you need to follow up with those people for an extended period of time. In this case you need an autoresponder.
My site does not sell anything. But it captures the name and email address of prospects by putting an autoresponder form on that site. Once people submit their name and email address, my autoresponder is activated and a series of prewriten messages are sent to my subscribers. It’s all automated and it works like crazy. It’s really helped me learn marketing success…To learn marketing success go to

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