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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Branding and Blogging Make You Visible !

Research shows that 80% of all traffic is coming via the search engines. The best way to increase your search engine visibility is to add good content to your website. Well written press releases and articles optimized for the search engines add relevance to your website.
Internet users regard the companies displayed on the first half of the first page of a search result as the major players in that field. A good search result is a powerful online PR and branding tool.
80% of all the business created by a search goes to number 1, 2 and 3 on the first page of the search results. Yet few business owners know how to get their sites onto page one - and they don't know what their best key phrase is.
You need to know where your market is online, what they are searching on and how to reach them. Optimized content on your website, in the news engines and syndicated on other websites boosts your online visibility.
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Debra Perrine - Google Me said...

"The best way to increase your search engine visibility is to add good content to your website"- good advice to follow. Thanks Michael!

Wyverex said...

Saying goodbye to the invisible men and women

Wyverex said...

Visibility is building the stage Thanks

MUDDOG357 said...

Learning marketing success thanks for all the great information

Ask Jim Lucier said...

This is very new to me, but you help make it easier to understand, Tks

Wyverex said...

Brilliant Post and Video! Thanks Michael!

John Raines said...

again visibility is critical in getting the internet traffice to find you you make great points throughtout your blog(s) Thanks John Raines

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