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Thursday, May 29, 2008

How To Double Your Blog Traffic....

Today I want to tell you about little under the radar website, withover 37,000 registered bloggers and over 7,400,000 boxviews last month am using it myself on my blog for quite some time and it isconstantly bringing me traffic of real people reading my blog.I suggest make account and try it. It's free.You earn traffic credits from box displayed on your blog and onyour referral blogs. Referrals work 5 levels deep so make sure toinvite every blogger you know (do not spam or account will bedeleted)If you do not have friends with blogs you still earn referralcredits.Referral is automatic if somebody open account after click on boxlink so you build referral all the time by just displaying box andhaving people opening accounts.Since this site grows organic way most of people came from thatreferral link in the box . Check it out now piece of advice, denies all links to regularwebsites so make sure to post link to blog and add box code on theblog after you get it.To Your Success Michael Curry
P.S. It takes a few hours before you will see box after you addcode due to verification process so be patient :). P.P.S. If you already have similar kind of blog traffic exchangebox from other service double your traffic by adding box too. You can check how this box looks like on my blog. So Come Learn Marketing Success and Ask Michael Curry Now.....

Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Note To Learn Marketing Success and Pay Per Clicks

A note on the PPC "systems"...
Each of the PPC companies out there
have software systems that automate
much of the process, though there is a bit
of a learning curve just to understand how
to use the software. Anyone can do it with
just a little effort and patience.
You'll have to learn:
How to set up campaignsHow to write and submit your adsHow to place bids, max bids and daily
budgetsHow you can do split testingand more...
So be sure that you have a couple hours of
quiet time before you go in and set up
your account! Be ready to dive in and
the systems will walk you through the set
up process, so even an inexperienced
individual can make it through without too
many problems.
Here are the two main PPC companies
that can help you fast track a PPC
Google Adwords: (Yahoo)
Good luck and don't forget to ask if you
ever need any help at all! Learn Marketing Success....

Friday, May 23, 2008

Work From Home To Learn Marketing Success

Work From Home, Work At Home, Home-
Based Business,Network Marketing, Multi-level Marketing,
MLM,Make Money, Best Home Business, Home
Business, etc.
Get creative with as many ways of
combining key words as you can and the
tools offered by the PPC companies will
help you generate more.
You can use some of the sample ads as
shown in the Classified section and create
successful campaigns. Just don't forget to
track and tweak as you go to help
increase your response (on anything you
do). Here are some more tips for writing
your ads:
Preparing your title and description.You may have only one chance to lure a
prospect to your Web site. Make your title
and description sufficiently captivating to
entice viewers to your site in preference to
other sites. You need to write your title and
description so that they really relate to the
keywords that you are bidding and are
relevant to your site. If your title and
description are impressive, prospects may
skip over your competition to visit your
site. Just do not hype too much in your
descriptions or searchers will pass you by.
Below are tips to help you write a good
title and description:
Solve a problem. Solve that problem quickly with benefits,
not features. Solve that problem for what appears to be
small or reasonable amount of money.
"FREE" is still an eye catcher. Make the viewer curious to learn more
with a call to action. Each PPC can differ on how many
characters they will allow in the title and in
the description, you will need to read
each PPC listing guidelines. Overture
allows a maximum of 40 characters in the
title, and maximum of 190 characters in
the description. It has been proven that
having your keyword in the title and
description will get up to 50% more click-

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Top 3 Spots and Learn Marketing Success

If you are in the top three, yes, you are
going to get many clicks. The trick is to be
sure that you are not paying too much.
You can pay $1.50 and more per click if
you have a popular keyword such as "work
from home" in order to be at the top of the
listing. You must decide how much each
of your visitors is worth for some of those
highly competitive keywords that you
must have. We have found that we can
average around $1 per click and make
money and stay within the top 10 results
(usually around 5 to 7) for the more
popular keywords for our industry.
What do you need to know in getting
Keywords are terms or short phrases that
describe your company, products, or
service. Targeting your keywords is critical
to any successful promotion of your Web
site. Since you are paying every time a
searcher clicks on your site, make sure the
clicks are worth your money.
Most of the services have keyword tools to
help you choose and find keywords for
your campaigns. Start out with a few of
these and their tools will help you expand
upon them:

Learn Marketing Success With Blogger Because Wordpress Sucks....

I really think blogger is the place to be, I was using Word press for quite
a while and for no apparent I go to my blog to post and its suspended...
WOW this just blew my mind, all the hard work it took to establish my-
self and no warning its all gone and support does not even respond to your
questions. I think if your using a set of keywords and your competition
doesn't like it they just complain to word press and they suspend you.

Just to give you an example of what happened I like to help people
learn marketing success so in return I was just informing my readers
about ad surf daily which is one of the best ways to advertise because
its such a great ad cash generator. Ad surf daily can generate cash for
yourself just for advertising there.Also I own the number one spot on the
search engines for learn marketing success and someone must not like that.
However all is fair in love and war and I guess blogging on wordpress.

So I personally think blogger is a much better fit just like ad surf daily is
a great fit for anyone that is advertising on the internet because you can
generate cash for your ads the very first day you use them.So with that in mind take this for what you will and if you work really hard
at blogging it can suck to wake up in the mourning and just have all your hard work
vanish off the face of the earth. Especially when your getting thousands of hits from
your blog.I guess the positive from this is I can use blogger as my main blog and still get the
word out about ad surf daily so other people can benefit from this great ad cash generator
and make tons of money. So keep on blogging and learn marketing success at blogger.

You Friend
Michael Curry

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Overture and How to Learn Marketing Success

When Overture (originally GoTo, now
owned by Yahoo) came on the scene in
1998, everyone said Overture would never
last. It is not only still here, but many other
PPC search engines are using the Overture
as a model, and many more PPC search
engines are entering the Internet every
day. Today, Overture’s search results now
reach 75% of all Internet users.
If you read the information in this section
and pay careful attention to the tips that
are given, you will find some cost-
effective advertising that is easier and
faster to work with than the regular free
search engines and directory submissions
to get your listings online in a matter of
minutes to hours instead of weeks to
months. This effective web marketing
strategy is great for a new startups and,
when used wisely, is another advertising
medium that is well spent...............................................................................What do you need to know in getting
Purchasing keywords at a PPC engine is
simple enough procedure. The highest
bidder gets the top position. You can
control and pick where you want to rank
and adjust the bids based on the quality of
your results in real time. Not only can you
control your ranking with the pay-per-click
engines, but being in the top 10 with some
of the PPCs could be beneficial in giving
you exposure with their different partners.
Examples would be Dogpile, AOL, Direct
Hit, HotBot,, and others.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pay Per Click Advertising 1st Step to Learn Marketing Success

What can you do to get to the top fast
with instant, targeted traffic to your web
site, for as little as pennies?
The answer is Pay-Per-Click (PPC)! Also
known as: Pay-Per-Ranking, Pay-Per-
Placement or Pay-Per-Position. Unlike the
other search engines, your bid is the only
thing that determines your position with
the pay-per-click engines. Minimum bids
can range from $.05 for Overture to $.01
for many of the other PPC engines.
Google Adwords has proven to also be a
very effective PPC resource to learn marketing success...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Learn Marketing Success With Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay-Per-Click AdvertisingIf you are not a professional, it is not easy
to attain a ranking in the top 30, let alone
the top 10 with any of the free major
search engines. Some search engines like
Google can take as long as two months to
list you and, if your site is not optimized
correctly for their particular algorithm, you
may be buried under 100’s even 1000’s of
other web sites.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Learn Marketing Success With Michael Curry

Here's a place to network,learn marketing success and earn money free
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Thursday, May 1, 2008

This Will Change The Internet W.O.W.

Michael Curry here... You have got to see this - WOW!
I found this new FULL INTERNET UPGRADE technology that is about to upgrade THE ENTIRE INTERNET to Web 2.0 standards and IT'S FREE! FULL Social Networking functionality on EVERY WEBSITE on the internet with a click of a button.
This is going to change the entire Internet OVERNIGHT.
Plus, they are giving away ONE MILLION DOLLARS to spread the word about it - and you can get a share for helping - NO COST!
Check it out at:
Let me know what you think or if you have any questions.
Thanks,Michael Curry and learn marketing success...

"Pay It Forward"- To Learn Marketing Success