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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Top 3 Spots and Learn Marketing Success

If you are in the top three, yes, you are
going to get many clicks. The trick is to be
sure that you are not paying too much.
You can pay $1.50 and more per click if
you have a popular keyword such as "work
from home" in order to be at the top of the
listing. You must decide how much each
of your visitors is worth for some of those
highly competitive keywords that you
must have. We have found that we can
average around $1 per click and make
money and stay within the top 10 results
(usually around 5 to 7) for the more
popular keywords for our industry.
What do you need to know in getting
Keywords are terms or short phrases that
describe your company, products, or
service. Targeting your keywords is critical
to any successful promotion of your Web
site. Since you are paying every time a
searcher clicks on your site, make sure the
clicks are worth your money.
Most of the services have keyword tools to
help you choose and find keywords for
your campaigns. Start out with a few of
these and their tools will help you expand
upon them:

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mike jackson said...

Hi mike nice article,great key points,if you don't know what your doing with pay per clicks,it could very well cost you!
Thanks for the info

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