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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Don't Let Your Dream Die !

When we were younger, we had dreams of things we
wanted to do, places we wanted to go, and people
we wanted to meet. As we grew older, most of those
dreams fell by the wayside as we realized we couldn't
possibly make enough money in our lives to make
those dreams come true.
Then we strated to look towards the internet, and we
remembered that we had those dreams. When we discovered how thrilling it was to rekindle those dreams
and know they can now be realized, we wanted to
send this message of hope to everyone we know. We
want you to know that you can make your dreams
come true too!
The sky is the limit to those who are willing to get off the
couch and do something to make them happen. Don't
let anyone steal your dreams, and don't let them die.
They were important once. Open them up again and
journey to the Life of Luxury you deserve.


Dorothy Lanman said...

Yep open up those dreams and where better to put your dreams in action but with Friendswin University Elite Team. Team work makes the dream work is certainly
personified with Jim Cobb and his



let anyone steal your dreams, and don't let them die." Let Your Dreams Become Reality! :)

Ask Carole Percifield said...

This is so true. We can't let our dreams die. As we get older, our dreams should be bigger and better. Momentum is what we need. Way to go.

askGerhard-Kaiser said...

Hi Michael!
Yes, let never die your dreams. I was
before in eastGermany and I had a lot of dreams. The most of them now true!
And now I´m member of this powerful team.....
Greetings Gerhard Kaiser Google me!

Lana Benton said...

Write<< on Michael! Love the car too!
We are a very unique lot of people. Dreams don't die, people do!

bleuet said...

Don't let anyone steal your dreams and don't let them die! I love this sentence... :-)

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