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Thursday, June 19, 2008

E-Commerce is BOOMING are You ?

Why 9 out of 10 new e-commerce stores are going to fail in the
first year. I find that alarming, because as we've told you
before, e-Commerce is BOOMING as the US looks at a possible
economic recession.

Let's talk about YOUR e-commerce business.

What are the mistakes those 9 people are making that will cause
them to lose their investment and close shop without a single
penny of profit?

1. They don't know WHAT they should be selling.

2. They don't know WHERE TO SOURCE profitable products from.

3. Even if they get the first two RIGHT, they still don't know
HOW TO SELL online.

Advertising is also a big thing now here's a site you can adverise
for free and get great results ,by the way they will also pay you.


Stephanie Haile Google Me said...

This is great Mike! Free advertsing does work if you work it :)

mike jackson said...

Thats right Mike people just don't know how to advertise

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