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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Acquisition Of Web 2.0 Ask Michael Curry Now

Acquisition by whom? Well Google for starters. The internet giant is absolutely at the heart of web 2.0 and the ability to bring many of these services together to create vast interlinked content offerings will certainly appeal. For the enterprise and end-user Google already offers a number of Office-style applications as a hosted offering. The company is also readying the finished version of its hosted email Exchange-offering.
The more, dare we say 'interesting' web 2.0 content will also appeal to Google as it puts ever more flesh on its content bones.


Kurt Mitchell said...

google seems to anticipate what we need before we know we need it!

Miss Julia said...

Hey Mike

I think this Web 2.0 is going to be "Off the Chain" ---- One of my companies has recently implemented and it is powerful !!!.

If you haven't already- check out the sight below and let me know what you think.

Much Love
Miss Julia

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