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Friday, April 11, 2008

Is Blogging A Good Way To Make A Good Income?

Is Blogging Really A Good Way To Make A Good Income?
Let's take a look at a revealing statistic and learn some marketing success.
While some cynics have claimed that blogging is a fad and is dying off, actual solid data is proving otherwise! And indications show that the trend is still in the early stages of growth and is going to go ballistic! Claiming a record high figure of 115 Millions Blogs & rising online.
Why is blogging growing at such an incredible speed? There are several good, solid reasons for this phenomenon:
Globalization has taken over all corners of the world and people want to interact and communicate with each other.
Blogging is one of the easiest and most effective ways to communicate ideas on the Internet (world's stage).
It's much easier to set up and maintain compared to a 'traditional' site.
Blogging makes it easy to build a brand and a loyal fan base in your target market.
It's easy to make money from your blog, when you know the exact techniques.
Search engines like Google loves blogs and often rank blog contents high in their search results.
And many other great reasons.
But one of the main reasons (I personally think it's the most important one) why blogging has exploded on the Internet is because from all of the web 2.0 interfaces…

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