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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Start Making Connections On The Internet

When "tribes" form on the web, they do so more or less to gather around a theme, or topic, or idea. They gather to talk about it and collect links to resources that are of common interest.Your goal is to find and participate in those conversations.
Contribute and provide REAL value, and in the process, you'll garner attention to yourself. Of course, you can then use that attention to get traffic to your sites, get subscribers to your lists, get readers for your blog, etc.What will happen is that you don't just become a participant in these conversations. If you provide real value, and solid resources to these tribes, you will become a TOPIC of conversation. Members of your chosen tribe will talk about YOU, and talk about YOUR resources. Now, enough theory - let's get into some real-world examples of how you can start putting this to work in your business starting today.We talked about blogs earlier. Now it's important to understand what kind of role bloggers can play in their respective tribes. The bloggers are the noisemakers - they initiate discussions, distribute news, and act as a kind of general mouthpiece for their tribes.As such, they can be a valuable asset to leverage in getting attention for your own offers, right?So if you want to make some inroads into a particular tribe you've identified, find the people who are blogging on topics relevant to that tribe's interests.Read their stuff. REALLY READ IT. Then comment.Make it a BIG comment. Add value. Did you agree? Did you disagree? Can you elaborate on anything they said? Can you refute anything they said? Remember, we want to focus on ADDING VALUE to THEIR website.
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